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women in science

Probably you don't really understand why one, like me, should waste her time talking, working, sharing the topic of women in science. What is the problem with that? Why should we care?

It took me years to get rid of the stereotypes in my head. Years. And probably I am not done yet. It caused me pain, it was really hard, often, to be a female scientist. And no one told me anything about that in advance.

This has to change. And I am trying my best to change it.

If you are curious or want to know more, check here. I collected books, and links, and texts, showing that if a female scientist feels lonely, unable, less prepared than her colleagues, there are reasons for that, and, most of the time, it is not true at all.

The figure represents the women as a share of total researchers in 2016 or the latest year possible. Source: UNESCO Institute for Statistics, June 2018.

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