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Our project in detail

#Wetoo: What they don't tell you

Our mission

Women are still strongly underrepresented in high-level positions, and data show that there’s still a gender gap, which needs to be filled.

Our idea

A Video documentary on women in science: our ingredients
Anna Werma, Phd Student in inorganic chemistry
Natalia Kononenko, Professor for Molecular and Cellular Physiology at the Faculty of Medicine

Fresh minds

we interview women of different nationalities and ages and at different career stages. We will support our work with statistical data from the University of Cologne and Nina Steinweg’s group at GESIS-Leibniz Institute for Social Sciences, Cologne. 

The videomaker

The work will be directed by the professional video maker Valeria Lo Meo. She will connect science and art. Creativity is a fundamental element of scientific activity. Each scientist, before being a scientist, is a human being. None of his/her successes in work based on scientific knowledge would be achieved without an emotional strength pushing him/her to overcome their difficulties.


Valeria Lo Meo, filmmaker
Luciano Perbellini, Photo director

The photographic director

Luciano Perbellini will work as photo director together with Valeria Lo Meo. He has been photo director for some documentaries and video performance art with 37 participations in international festivals in 12 different countries.


Adam Polczyk, stellvertretender Abteilungsleiter,


We collaborate with Department 81 Press and Communication of the University of Cologne (Adam Polczyk) and with Mr. Fabio Magnifico, teacher of INTERMEDIA from the media didactic and pedagogic department (group of Prof. Hugger). We plan:

  • 3 individual projects,
  • 1 collective workshop

for students of multimedia to benefit from the decade-long experience of Valeria Lo Meo and Luciano Perbellini.



Fabio Magnifico, Lehrkraft für besondere Aufgaben im Studiengang INTERMEDIA (

The framework: the University of Cologne

We want to highlight the openness of University of Cologne to the most diverse women and the career possibilities that our university offers. For this reason, we picked international women who work at University of Cologne and who have very different cultures and backgrounds, and we show them at work in the university structures. The movie will be entirely filmed in Cologne, to highlight the welcoming and friendly environment that the university offers.


We wan to achieve a wide diffusion. We chose the short video format, and we plan to spread it on internet channels as well as in high schools, and to participate in Video Documentary Festivals. To achieve this goal, we established a strong cooperation with the Department 81 Press and Communications of the University of Cologne.



Want to know more?

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