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Lecture series : Introduction to satellite remote sensing and ML methods to analyze satellite data

Total number of hours: 10
Lecturer: Dr. Claudia Acquistapace
Affiliation: Institute for geophysics and meteorology
University of Cologne.
Pohligstrasse 3, 50969 Koeln (DE)

Lecture 1 | Introduction to satellite meteorology  (2h)

Note: unfortunately, for reason of time, the notes of the lecture 1 do not contain all the topics included in the slides yet. Apologies.

Lecture 2 | Microwave and infrared (3h)

Lecture 3a | How to exploit satellite data for climate change (1h)

Lecture 3b | Data driven approach to classification (1h)

Lecture 4a |  from fully connected layers to CNN: monitoring the learning process (1h)

Lecture 4b |  Generative and classification models: working with satellite data (2h)