#WeToo: What they don't tell you

A video documentary on women in science

Why this project?

Women in high-level scientific positions are strongly underrepresented in Western society compared to men. Research has shown that scientific careers are often not appealing for women because of various psychological reasons, such as isolation, lack of sense of belonging, and the perception of the workplace as competitive and hostile. Often, also incompatibilities between the work responsibilities and family life bring women away from scientific careers.

There is a strong need to tackle this problem in a constructive way, which is not pointing just at claiming rights that should be granted, but consists in showing how women with their diversity can genuinely improve the current scientific environment.

What is it about?

We want to create a short video documentary on women in science, in English, with subtitles. We interview three women of different nationalities and ages and at different career stages to show the diversity they bring to science and how their emotional reactions to difficulties brought them to success.

What is the goal?

We believe that these stories can encourage young female researchers to believe in themselves and connect with other women, breaking the loneliness they face from gender discrimination. Moreover, these stories can inspire teenagers to pursue a scientific career.


How do we plan to realize this idea?

We are applying for money to the Gleichstellungkommission of the University of Cologne. The commission is going to evaluate our project and decide whether to fund it or not, and with how much money. The deadline for the submission is the 2nd March 2020. After that date, we will meet the commission to present the project, and then let's see.

  • Authors:

    Claudia Acquistapace, Valeria Lo Meo, Luciano Perbellini, Annika Dahne, and a lot of other people too.

  • Helpers, advisors, friends:

    Susanne Crewell, Ute Gärtel, Thirza Van Laar, Nina Steinweg, Markus Ritschel, Harmonie Jimenez, Carolina Moran, Selin Kandemir, Sabrina Schnitt


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