• My research project tradeprec-cycle: precipitation in trade wind cumulus clouds

  • "Il mare e' lo stesso da prima che l'uomo potesse persino navigare in barca" (E. Hemingway)

  • Alice: " Per quanto tempo e' per sempre? "

    Bianconiglio: " A volte, solo un secondo. "

    Lewis Carroll - Alice nel paese delle meraviglie

  • Be the doctor your parents always wanted you to marry

  • my EUREC4A campaign on board Maria S. Merian

I am a researcher in meteorology and cloud physics.

From my blog

Lettera alla me di un anno fa.

Mentre i primi cumuli compaiono sotto di me sbucando dal blu dell’oceano, e mi sento un po’ come una gallina messa ad ingrassare, impossibilitata a muovermi in questa economy class dell’aereo, mi soffermo e penso a quella che ero un anno fa.

First rain event

Yesterday we changed the setup of the radar to better look at the clouds I am interested in (puffy clouds, like in cartoons). It is unbelievable that these small puffy clouds really matter for the climate of the entire planet. But that’s what we found, and that’s why we are here.   We did some tests, trying to coordinate with scientists on Meteor, the other German ship in this campaign.  Our radars are positioned on a stable table, which compensates for the ship motions. 

But I am not only a scientist: creating projects is fun, in many different fields :)

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