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First days on the ship

Challenging, these first three days. What happened? What did I learnt?

First of all, now, finally, I can say I know what sea sickness is.  And I also learnt that you can get out of it.  Well, ok, I still need some breaks while writing, in which I just lay down and look at the ceiling. Those are the moments in which you really perceive the ship’s mass, the strength of the ocean, and, as well, how tiny we are. My body was weighting on the bed and bounced up and down, and around, better than on a rollercoaster.

And then, I met the ocean. Before coming on-board the idea of being on a small ship, far from everything, and surrounded by water was scaring me.

That’s why, on the first day, I did not look much outside. But yesterday I went to sit on a bench oriented towards the sea. I saw the waves coming, long waves which seemed very high to me. They were raising the ship and the impression was that the water was coming in, but then no, not at least this time.
Despite the massive waves, from the ship, the ocean is peaceful. You can sit there and face this immense water mass moving, and rest in the blue. The depth of the sea measured by the ship was always more than 4000m. 4000m! it is almost like having the Monte Bianco down there, isn’t it crazy if you really think about it?

Here is a nice wave, caught by Arne Bendinger

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